You can now download and read each issue of Pulse magazine on your iPad, iPad Mini or iPhone, using our free interactive app.

The app allows you to read all our trademark investigations, analyses and clinical features as they appear in print, but you’ll also be able to do much more besides - watch embedded videos and browse photo galleries, access further information directly online and link up your reading with CPD on Pulse Learning. You’ll also be able to beat the post, with each month’s iPad edition released before the print copy arrives with GPs.

To download the app, search ‘Pulse Today’ in the App store or simply click here.

The app and issues of Pulse are completely free to download, but you will need be a registered user on PulseToday or Pulse Learning. To log in, tap on the ‘Pair with Pulse Subscriber’ button and enter your PulseToday or Pulse Learning email address and password. If you are not already a registered user, signing up is free, quick and easy, and you can do so here.