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SearchMedica is a dedicated medical search engine for healthcare professionals which allows you to search the area of the worldwide web that is of direct relevance to you in your work. You can search the whole web too if you want to but we've prepared extensive lists of selected sites in consultation with working healthcare professionals that will help eliminate unwanted and irrelevant results from your searches delivering what you're looking for more quickly.

The first version of SearchMedica was launched in August 2006 using expertise from Pulse, the GPs' best-read monthly paper, with major input from working GPs. We have now expanded SearchMedica to cater for the needs of nurses, pharmacists and medical students.

Editorial policy

Our selected lists of sites, whether they are 'medical sites chosen by GPs' or 'medical sites chosen by nurses', are exactly that. They contain hundreds of handpicked websites - all of which have been selected by your fellow professionals for their usefulness. Our lists currently contain the sites of pre-eminent medical organisations in the UK, US, Australasia and Europe, scores of checked and vetted patient information websites - most of them based in the UK, all of the medical journals of relevance to you and a wealth of other authoritative medical websites our users have suggested to be of professional value. Users are constantly suggesting new sites to us via our 'Suggest a site' links. Every new site is tested against the following criteria by our editorial team before inclusion in SearchMedica:

  • Relevance: To be 'relevant' in this context, sites must be useful to healthcare professionals in one or other aspects of their day-to-day work.
  • Authority: Sites must be professional in their aims and execution. Accreditation or endorsement by a recognised medical body is a good indicator of authority in this context. Independence is also an important factor.
  • Reliability: Sites must be stable and consistent.

Extra care is taken with sites run by commercial organisations. These can hold useful content for healthcare professionals but they must meet the criteria above in order to be included. This is constantly monitored.

Our content partners

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Who provides the SearchMedica services?

SearchMedica is run by Cogora. Find out more about Cogora by clicking here